Gypsy swing project (2007)
Photo by Harumi Koyano

Gypsy swing project profile

Gypsy swing project is a group produced by Hisao Fukushima
who was once a guitarist of Tokyo hot club band.
Originally this group played Gypsy swing jazz which had influence
of Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli, Gypsy waltz
and Csardas etc., with violin, guitars and bass.
Then it was evolved into playing original tunes and
released the CD "Oriental dreams" in 1996.
Some members were changed in early 1999, and
the band began producing more and more originals
which had Gypsy flavor as base with some influence of Modern Jazz
and Ethnical Music such as Asia and Eastern Europe etc. by
the combo of violin, accordion, guitar, bass and percussion.
In September of 1999, the CD "ponnichi" was released, and
they played at Jazz Fest Sarajevo'99 in November.
In year 2007, the band was re-started with some new members and they are;
Hisao Fukushima(g), Hiroshi Suzuki(cl&s.sax),Yoshiaki Satoh(accord.),
Satoshi Ikeda(b).They are playing Django's tunes & unique original
tunes at various clubs in Tokyo.They released the CD"De quel pays etes
vous?"(Capivara) and played at Gypst jazz festival Nouvelle Caledonie
2007 in November.

Hisao Fukushima(g)
He started his guitar when he was in junior high school,playing
folk songs, rag time and blueglass, etc.and met Jazz at university.
In 1988, he joined Tokyo hot club band and its' France tour and
participated in Django Reinhardt Festival.
He released many CD albums ("Oriental dreams", "Coloration,"Minor swing",
"Ponnichi",and "Shuu") and has been clabolating with variety of musicians
with many genre.
History of his major activities are as follows;
In 1999 joind Jazz Fest Sarajevo'99.
In 2001 joind Django Reinhardt Festival in Oslo.
He plays variety of music from Nostalgic Gypsy Jazz, Modan Jazz, Urban
gyald, to Ethnical music and aiming for boderless improvised music.

His achievments of projects are;
"Ponnichi" Gypsy swing project(Capivara)
"Shuu" Hisao Fukushima & Hiroyuki Itabashi(Capivara)
" Balkan Samba" Travelsee(Ohrai Records)
"De quel pays etes vous?"(Capivara)
"Europian dark sky" Hisao Fukushima Quartet(Ohrai Records)etc.

Gypsy swing project(1999)
Photo by Harumi Koyano

Gypsy swing project(1996)
Photo by Harumi Koyano

Jazz fest Sarajevo'99 Home page URL
Harumi Koyano photo exhibision
Hisao Fukushima's live schedule

CD reviews of Gypsy swing project

Oriental dreams (cpv 0001)(released in Nov.'96)
Gypsy swing project
Hisao Fukushima(guitar)
Noriko Nishimori(violin)
Satoshi Arai(guitar)
Yuji Nagayama(bass)
guest ,Hiroyuki Itabashi(Key)

art work by Harumi Koyano

Ponnichi (cpv ooo4)( released in Sept.'99)

Gypsy swing project
Hisao Fukushima(guitar)
Mark Chung(violin)
Yoshiaki Sato(accordion)
Yasuji Ishii(bass)
Kei Masuda(percussion)

art work by Harumi Koyano

De quel pays etes vous?(cpv 0006)(released in Oct.'07)

Hisao Fukushima(g)
Hiroshi Suzuki(cl&s.sax)
Yoshiaki Satoh(accord.)
Satoshi Ikeda(b)

They are playing Django's tunes & unique original tunes

art work by Harumi Koyano

Another CDs produced by CAPIVARA

Coloration (cpv 0002) Hisao Fukushima&Yoshiaki Sato

Minor swing (cpv 0003) Hisao Fukushima&Yasuji Ishii

Shuu (cpv 0005) Hisao Fukushima&Hiroyuki Itabashi

Other CDs

"Balkan samba"Traversee
(ORCD-3002)Ohrai Records

Hisao Fukushima(guitar)
Takanori Suzuki(clarinet)
Kenroku Tsuda(accordion)
Masayo Hirota(bass)
1.Balkan samba(Hisao Fukushima)
2.Oriental dreams(Hisao Fukushima)
3.Lullaby of musette(Hisao Fukushima)
4.Quiet night(Hisao Fukushima)
5.Flamengo(Hisao Fukushima)

European dark sky(Hisao Fukushima Quartet)
( JMCK-1029 Ohrai Records)

Hisao Fukushima (guitar)
Hiroshi Suzuki(saxophone,flute)
Hiroyuki Itabashi(piano)
Satoshi Ikeda(bass)
1.Nordeste(Hisao Fukushima)
2.Uma pergunta(Hisao Fukushima)
3.Experiment(Hisao Fukushima)
4.Spirit dance(Hisao Fukushima)
5.Mina lobata(Hiroyuki Itabashi)
6.Canpanula(Hiroyuki Itabashi)
7.Rythmusette(Hisao Fukushima)
8.Suspiro~al amanecer(Hisao Fukushima)
9.An old story(Hisao Fukushima)
10.Requem of soceror(Hiroyuki Itabashi)
11Purple bellflower(Hiroyuki Itabashi)
12.European dark sky(Hisao Fukushima)

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