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Land Mann

vegetables and valuing the ground!

The power of microbes are borrowed.
Vegetables are grown organic with no agrochemicals and a non-chemical fertilizer.
Selling directly to our customers.

Our aim is to produce as much extensive and natural
as possible in order not to harm the soil.

In order to prevent natural unbalance minor damages should be excepted
to give nature enough time to balance itself.

Our Farm in Biei, about 20km from Asahikawa, is located in Central Hokkaido.
Famous for its beautiful hills right on the foot of Mt. Tokachi
and Mt. Asahi the highest mountain in Hokkaido

The intense ups and downs , long winter seasons
with heavy snow and some heavy rainfalls during
harvest is part of nature. The harsh continental climate
where temperatures differ strong between day and night
gives the best taste to our vegetables.
We face damages through diseases and insects but on the other hand
we have the advantage to get a taste as original as it can be.

We leaves weeds which do not hinder vegetables to grow.
Small animals and microbes which carry natural organic strength
are considered as most important factor for organic farming.
In order to maintain organic decomposition we take care that the
fields are not overworked beyond necessity. Manure is given
regular to crops and ground. Only pure organic fertilizer is used

Green manure, like clover, is used to in order to enforce subterranean natural organic
decomposition in a two years cycle. The green manure is cut periodically to stimulate the roots
to grow strong and deep into the soil.

Kinds of crops are changed periodically to keep the condition
of our fields healthy.
Strong crops are mixed with weaker crops to prevent a kind of
monoculture. Intercropping and companion planting are just two of
those measures.

 Organic farming at Mild Seven Hill
ploughing the organic soil
planting organic onion
organic vegetable packing
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