Other model works

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Auto revercer using IC555 '09.12.13

Auto acceleration & deceleration TR controller updated '09.10.17, since '09.7.18 jp ver.only new!

Controler with timer switch '09.7.18 jp ver.only

HOn2(6.5mm) Short train of the electric locomotive with flat cars '09.5.1 jp ver.only

GNOMY style On30 steam tram '09.1.12 jp ver.only

Wall side endless tracks in my hobby room, HO, HOn30 & N for fun to run '08.1.6 jp ver.only

LGB-Gnomy conversion '07.12.24 jp ver.only

Original design cab forward DL '07.4.15 jp ver.only

Fitness railcar ver.2 '07.01.07

On30 free style tram car '06.4.1

Tips for white LED '06.3.12 jp ver.only

Strage of model trains '06.2.11 jp ver.only

Application for Voltage regurator LM317 '05.12.18 jp ver.only

Europian Tram car '05.11.07 jp ver.only

Nagoya RR モ510モ520 '05.6.11 jp ver.only

Make the SideKick module for the Quantum Sound System '05.6.4

Sugar train of Bagnall's 0-6-0 '05.2.12 jp ver.only

The overhead wall hanging track plan - Sumiyoshi temporal line '05.1.30

Small track plan '04.4.10 jp ver.only


Speeder in Sn3'02.3.21

Use a pencil to inprove the erelctrical pickup '01.12.23

Fitnes 2000 railcar '01.11.1

Adhesive Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) & Baking soda casting technique '01.8.20

Hand generator '01.8.12

Porter0-6-2T '01.8.09

live steam??? '01.1.1

Dril stand '00.10.15

Controller updated '01.8.16, since'00.9.30

SP#8 slim princess updated '00.9.25, since '99.3.8

Mining dump '00.6.25

Nihon Bokuyu Tetsudo Rokaru-sen Taminaru-eki '00.2.28

Endless track on the KAMOI '00.1.11

Japanese narrow gauge engine section Diorama '99.7.5

Portable track set '99.6.7

2-4-4-0 articulated saddle tank loco '99.2.14

My children's works '99.2.17

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