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by Shozo Kitamura

This is the story of the natural park of the northern land in the near future. Model trains and the dioramas help develop the curious stories with an imagination. I'd like to share the modeling techniques for trains and dioramas. Enjoy my model works, curious vehicles and dioramas.

One day I found a small steam locomotive
I wish I could give her a place to live in

An imagination takes me to the northern region
Dark fir trees, white birches and blooming flowers

Small wooden turn table creaks
Green grass covers the slim rails in the yard

Bright sunshine glazes up the green
Cold wind blows through the green

Round engine house with the light blue siding
Dark blue doors and pale gray roof
Windowpanes glistening against the blight high sky

Slim rails beside the shed lead to the station
You see the booking house hazy in the smoke
byond the blue watertank tower

This is the place for her, the little steam locomotive

Oh ! slim princess & slim gauge flavor

Slim princess & slim gauge flavor.....

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