1. Libpixmap (ex-XGT graphics library):
Libpixmap is a portable 24bit TrueColor class graphics library. All APIs are designed for C/C++.  Window system backend is independent module from OS. Current archive includes X11/Xlib backend as a reference implementation.
Libpixmap no longer provides FORTRAN API. (Of course, it is easy to write FORTRAN API. However, latest FORTRAN standard provides interoperability to call routines written in C language directly from FORTRAN routines.) If you need better and rich graphics functionality for FORTRAN, please refer to EGGX/ProCALL graphics library written by Chisato Yamauchi.
  1. Parallel Mandelbrot Set Renderer Sample Codes:
This archive includes various sample codes of Mandelbrot set rendering program parallelized with OpenMP and/or MPI.
  1. Array Utility:
This is simple utility for 1/2/3D array management including memory allocation/deallocation, and dump/ restore for C/C++.
Example for 2D array
To allocate a 2D array of double type which size is 200x100;
double **a;
a = alloc_2d_array(200, 100, double);
Aftre the allocation, you can access each element of the 2D array with the trivial mannar. For example, you can refer the element of 50th row and 75th column with the following sentence;
To deallocate a 2D array;
  1. Reentrant MT19937:
This is a reentrant variant of MT19937 random number generator.
Pascal Getreuer provides randmt package based on this variant.
List of Projects:
I/O & Graphics
  1. Libpixmap
  2. Mandelbrot Set Renderer Sample Code
Memory Management
  1. Array Utility
  1. Reentrant MT19937
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